Friday, January 9, 2015

Spreading the gospel

Oh, hello there.

Been quite busy messing around with Unimogs and Interceptors and other wheeled nonsense, but thought I'd pop back in. It's been a fairly exciting year for local craft brewing with something like twenty-one new breweries opening up, new brews and collaborations from all our old favourites, and further excitement coming as breweries branch out into spirits.

I just did a brief tour over at Central City's new location, and I may try to write that up, but for now let's use that as a jumping off point to talk about one of the more interesting things to see happening for our local craft scene - an American appreciation for Canadian craft beer.

I sent a Singularity to a buddy of mine who's involved in an emerging show called Beer Snob TV (check 'em out -, and the below is his reaction to the 2014 after sitting on it for a year.

Yep, that's about right. Head down to Elizabeth Station in Bellingham, and you'll doubtless see more than few familiar labels sitting proudly alongside the Firestone Walker and Stone. Good times indeed.