Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hot Damn of the Week: Naughty Hildegaard Returns

It's been a long three days. In a short period of time, I've viewed a dozen houses, worked a 12-hour shift (and another 6-hour one) taken the ferry four times, attended the press launch of the 2011 Vancouver International Auto Show and written an article on same.

I need a beer.

Not to worry though, as I've returned to the Island to the welcoming arms of these three lovely ladies. Yes, yes, I know: polygamy is bad. Unless you're Bill Paxton.
But Hildy is a nun after all, so I'm going for a holy trinity thing here. This is a beer I've been looking forward to all year. Every time Driftwood beer releases one of its excellent seasonals, there's a teeny-tiny part of my brain that goes, "Hey is it Hildegard yet? ...awwwww," like a dog perking up at hearing a car in the driveway, and then disappointedly realizing it's just the crazy, cat-owning neighbour.

But now she's here. And by here, I mean here, just to the left of the keyboard. So what's it like this year?

Hildegard is still an ESB, but I remember last year's as being quite floral and citrus-soaked, and this year's version marks a return to a more UK-style brew. It's certainly got some bite to it; there's more lingering bitterness here than at the Leno-O'Brien tenth anniversary reunion. I love it.

Driftwood Naughty Hildegard ESB
Recommended if:
-you're Robbie Coltrane or Eric Idle and the mob's after you
-you're looking for an ESB that wears fishnets
-you like a little bite from your beer

Not Recommended if:
-Feck! Nuns! Reverse!
-You prefer your ESBs to be just plain ESs
you're a penguin. 'Cause that'd just be plain confusing.

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