Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lighthouse Brewing's New Ads Make Me Want to Hurt Myself

Okay folks, watch this.

Congratulations, you are now stupider.

I know, I know, it's supposed to be funny and silly and lighthearted, and not really objectify women, and certainly the folks that I know from Lighthouse would be mortified to think that they were offending anyone, but this is just plain dumb, and I'll tell you why. The craft beer industry will only continue to grow and improve because of the involvement of women.

Just look at the local CAMRA executive if you don't believe me.

But before that check out more silliness:
Oh look, her top came off. Of course it did. Now, let's get some lime in that beer and serve it EXTRA COLD.

Seriously, what century are we living in?


  1. Luckily I don't watch tv and have only seen these on the interwebs.

    They're not even funny.

  2. I agree. They're lame and completely counter-productive.

  3. Yes its like a "Bud" add ! Dumb..

  4. Such a shame since the Lighthouse Pale Ale is quality

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