Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Brewing Beers Fruit.

Drinking orange juice makes you gay.

Now obviously, no it doesn't. What a ridiculous statement, and how potentially offensive to people of all orientations and creeds. If this was the sort of site that had legal counsel, I'd probably have to put some rider in so as not to get sued by the unhumourous buggers at the Florida Orange Grower's Council. Pun semi-intended.

So, Professional Driver, Closed Course. Or something.

Anyways, my point (such as it exists) is not to denigrate OJ, nor to invoke the Chewbacca Defense. It is simply to point out that people who take the position that drinking Fruit Beers is not for quote-unquote Real Men, are being completely silly and more than a bit insufferable. Not to mention that nothing can "turn" you gay. Except for Bill at Phillips of course. Rowr.

Drinking fruit-based beers will no more revoke some imaginary Man Card than eating an apple will turn you into Emily Howard.

In fact, some (me) would argue that one of the chief attributes of your Real Man is that he doesn't give a toss what anybody thinks about what he's drinking, and can quaff whatever he wants as long as it doesn't contain

(a) poison


(b) one of those stupid little umbrellas

Also, we don't ask for directions. EVAR.

I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to Granville Island Brewing's taphouse to taste their new summer beer: False Creek Raspberry Ale. Normally I don't receive many invitations except of the sort to appear in front of the local magistrate to explain my appalling behaviour on the night of such-and-such, so naturally I was excited to attend.It was a fun event, what with the local news media and cheese plates and gelato and - of course - free beer. I was particularly tickled by the fact that several people I follow on Twitter were sending messages from the venue AND I HAD NO IDEA WHAT THEY LOOKED LIKE.

Ah the internet age, where you can cheerfully exchange all sorts of intimate information with people and then do a little, "Sooo..... You like.... stuff?" foot shuffle when you actually meet them in person. If you meet them in person.

And always assuming they don't murder you to death.

"But what of the beer?" you cry, and well you might. It's good! Seeing that it was a sunny day pre-Canuck meltdown, the refreshing zing of raspberry on the tongue was as welcome as.... as a really welcome thing. This is a great patio beer with next-to-no hop presence and fullish malts. Easy drinking. If I had one criticism, it would be to pull an Oliver Twist with the raspberries: More Please!

...Which you can get here.
Many of you are no doubt familiar with McAuslan's St-Ambroise Apricot Wheat Ale (NB try Cannery Brewing's version - very nice). This is McA's Raspberry Ale, and it's quite different from GIB's. Both are delicious, but both contrast quite nicely. Perhaps a Battle Royale is in order?

Very quickly, let me throw out a link to and a shout-out to Karen. Lots of fruity beer recommendations on that site. Now, off to manfully drive a hybrid across town so I can sit meekly in the car while my wife buys furniture.


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Brendan! Definitely agree with the easy drinking aspect of GIB raspberry.

    I have yet to try the McAuslan Raspberry but I'll be sure to look for it.

    Cheers! Karen

  2. I too agree on the easy drinking aspect. In fact, you are the first person to say anything other than that (at least the first person I have seen).

    Also, there goes my weekend post...

  3. I cannot stand David Walliams.