Thursday, February 17, 2011

Damn Good: Moon Under Water

Note: This is not a stock picture. Katie took this shot just outside our door after we came home from the pub. Eerie.

It's not often that I can come home after a few pints and feel clear-headed enough to attempt a posting. My usual routine is to stagger up to the keyboard, full of muzzy ideas and high-test IPA and then collapse into darkness, waking to find my laptop coated with viscous drool, as if recently rescued from the lower intestine of a whale, and its screen filled with strings of gibberish like I've been typing with my elbows.

Not so tonight, as I've just returned from an excellent meal and a couple of session bevvies at Moon Under Water, the newest brewpub in Victoria.

I love the idea of a lower-alcohol session ale (in this case, a rich-tasting English Bitter). Don't get me wrong, I'm as much about monster IPAs as the next individual with a failing liver, but it's kind of hard to root for the 'Nucks in the third when you're lying on the floor, comatose. Not a problem at Moon Under Water though, where you can get a proper pint, brimmed expertly to a bulging meniscus (I hate being cheated out of beer by getting served three inches of foam), and the beer is as comforting as an episode of your favourite TV show, rather than akin to being round-house kicked in the face by Chuck Norris wearing cowboy boots doused in hop resin.

Also, there's proper pub food.
Now, admittedly, Moon Under Water's proprietors have been unable to resist the temptation to put something on the menu that involves aioli (it's mayonnaise, people) but the rest of the bill of fare is simple and hearty.

The above-pictured Toad-In-the-Hole was just the right pairing for the Bitter, being that it contained a full day's recommended serving of Brown, and was chock-full of warm mushy gooey gravyish deliciousness. If you listen carefully, you can hear the faint sounds of a vitamin crying softly to itself because it is all alone and has no friends. Dave says the burger is pretty good too.

I'm miffed to be missing the Sunday night roast and the launch of their Tranquility IPA. Don't you miss it too.

On the other hand, I was pleased to see a stack of labels behind the bar: bottles are on their way!

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