Monday, February 7, 2011

Friday Night's Alright For (beer) Fighting: Taking Suggestions For Battle Royale 4

EDIT: @sticklebract has come up with the "S'Macro Smackdown", a slugfest for the small macro-breweries like Okanagan Springs, etc. Now to select a champion for each: coming Friday!

The countdown has already started to the next Battle Royale but, sadly, my beer fridge appears to have been stocked by the Mother Hubbard Delivery Company Ltd.. As in, there's nothin' interesting in there. I therefore turn to you, erstwhile reader, to give this poor dog a bone: help me out with a pair o' brews I can throw down for an epic show-down.

So what would you like to see? U.S. vs. Canada in a gold medal beer action? A pair of Belgian blondes mudwrestling? (hey, get yer mind outta the gutter) Something silly like Lucky Lager vs Dogfish Head 90min? What about some draft-beer dodgeball?

Please leave a suggestion in the comments section, send me an e-mail, or fire something over to me on Twitter.

The winning suggestion will receive whatever Keith's IPA I still have in my fridge. Or, I dunno, what else have I got around here... uh, a Red Racer toque, maybe? Or a firm handshake. Anyways, something, I promise.

Watch Friday to see who enters the ring.

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