Sunday, February 20, 2011

Penance. Volume 2

There are 244 steps here. I know. I counted them.

So here's the painful truth about beer: it's probably the quickest way to make yourself fat. Given the carb content, the (my) inability to stop at just one, and the nature of alcohol metabolism (primarily converted to acetate immediately), beer is definitely an important part of the Dr. Nick Riviera diet for dangerously underweight individuals.

However, seeing as I haven't brought my mumu with me, there's still a way to have your cake-in-a-can and drink it too. See, there's no such thing as a beer belly. While excessive beer consumption may result in swapping your six-pack for a keg, you can simply balance it out with a little light exercise. Based on how much I consume, "light" exercise won't cut the dijonnaise.

Today's excursion was a 5 km hike in air of such high humidity, we were practically breathing water. In fact, I'm pretty sure I just saw Kevin Costner swim past the window. The reward was not a spectacular view, nor a rippling physique (although bits of me do ripple in the breeze), but the satisfaction that I earned my libation this eve.

Bit of a slog, though.

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  1. It was actually 5 miles, which is quite a bit more than 5km - yay, more beer for us! Some geocacher figured out this hike (Kuli'ou'ou Ridge) burns about 830 calories (probably more if you do it hella fast like I made you do it!); and 12oz of Anchor Steam Porter (probably a fairly OK approximation for a lot of the beer we drink - although usually in bigger bottles...) is about 200 calories. So there you go. Run up more mountains, drink more good beer :)