Wednesday, April 6, 2011

10 Reasons Victoria is a Kick-Ass Beer Town: #4 Cook Street Liquor

You know, I'd nearly forgotten I was doing this top 10 Victoria thing. Some of you might think I have ADD or be easily distracted, but really it's - oh hey look a blue car!

Sorry, where were we? Ah yes, the little gem of a store that is Cook Street Liquor.

Anyway, last night I got the hankering for some liquid bread, so I hurried forthwith to my local purveyor of fine bevvies to negotiate the purchasing of some beery comestibles. Or: Beer Run!

Now, if you've got half a brain, then you already follow @BCLiquorguys on twitter. But you might have less than half a brain, in which case, thanks for reading, Mr. Harper. Either way, check 'em out for the latest in coming attractions. In particular I have it on good authority that a buncha Baird beer out of Japan is starting to trickle in: Angry Boy Brown and Kurofune Porter are excellent.
Admittedly, the storefront is about as exciting as a PBS show on grain elevators, but as we all learned in kindergarten, it's what's inside that counts. And as we all learned in high school, if what's inside is beer, then that's AWESOME.
The Cook Street Liquor store is about the size of a Playmobil house, but it somehow manages to pack in quite the selection. Best part is there's always something new. This little place has provided me with Un*Earthly, various Half-Pints, Barton Baton, Pretty Things, Hop Rod, and it's one of the first stops for the Driftwood delivery crew, so anything interesting from them shows up right away.

This eve I went for two solid beers from Russell Brewing.
Obviously, Black Death is better on tap if you can find it, and the IP'eh! is a nice little UK-style IPA. Which reminds me, Moon Under Water has updated their beers, must go try that.

To sum up: if you're lucky enough to live staggering distance from the Beagle, remember that Cook Street Liquor closes at 9 so maybe pick up something to tuck under your chair. Apparently they also have an excellent wine selection, if you're into that sort of thing. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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