Friday, April 15, 2011

YADBB Asks: What's Your Playoff Beer?

Am I a Canucks fan? Um, are they winning? Then yes.
Only joking.

But despite the fact that I've met a certain Finnish 'Nuck and found him to be a down-to-earth, regular sorta guy throughout our dealings, I wouldn't say I was a slavering, glass-eyed crazy hockey fan, up until we hit the playoffs and somebody feeds methamphetamines to the donkey pulling the band-wagon. Go Canucks Go!

But maybe you cheer for another team, and that's just fine. Except if it's the Leafs. Or (currently) the Blackhawks. Rooting for the hometeam in a pub crowded with like-minded fans is as much a part of the playoffs as is drinking copious amounts of beer while doing so.

Here's what's turning out to be my official 2011 Playoff Beer. It's a lager, quaffable and delicious. Not even slightly challenging by any means, but when you're standing at the bar for three periods (and maybe overtime) it's nice to have a swigging beer as a change from the hop-heavy IPAs and thundering Imperial Stouts. Not that I don't drink them with hockey too.
I'd sooner drink Zamboni leavings than touch a "lite" beer, but Lighthouse Lager is a nice solid drinker, especially when you can get it on tap. I'm sure the hop-heads will turn up their noses, but five pints of Fat Tug is a recipe for comically walking into a lampost while stumbling home.

Plus, sometimes you just want a lager. Sometimes you're in the mood for a beer that matches nicely with the opiate of the Canadian masses. I like to give bigger beers the full attention they deserve, or perhaps chat over 'em with a like-minded beerthusiast, but this beer ain't high-maintenance. It's perhaps a bit overly fizzy, but it doesn't have the cloying taste of a Molson or a Labatt product. It's just beer with a nice clean finish, and that's what I felt like today.

So Yet Another Damn Beer Blog wants to know: what do you usually pick out for the big game? Something new everytime, a constant favourite, something special out of the cellar, or just a pint of ol' reliable down at the local? Post it in the comments!


  1. Been drinking gib imperial ipa. Plus one propellor esb.

  2. During the first round, I was drinking Blood Alley, Naughty Hildegard, and Central City ESB. Because playing Chicago was Extra Special, and Bitter. I was thinking "Instigator" might be appropriate.