Monday, April 25, 2011

Girls Who Drink Beer Rule. The End.

There are a number of reasons that I fell in love with and married my wife. Chief among them, she'd have me.
But there's more than just this bizarre blind spot to an otherwise entirely intelligent person. Wifelet is funny, brilliant, musical, highly-organized, sensitive, sweet-natured, cute, athletic, environmentally-conscious and smart. I'm just ginger. She smells good, she learned to drive stick so we wouldn't have to buy a boring automatic-transmission when we downsized to one vehicle, and guess what? She drinks beer.

One evening last week, I was sitting here surfing the internet randomly and looked up when she said, "Oh wow, this is really interesting!"

"What's that?"

"This Singularity I bought."


There are many things that make a woman attractive to me. Firstly, yoga pants. Sweet baby Jeebus, Chip Wilson may have turned out to be a heartless business-person who sold out as fast as he could, but that man single-handedly accomplished the greatest leg-related service to mankind since that one guy cured polio.

More important than that though, is a woman who's real. Women who drink craft beer aren't your high-maintenance, gold-diggin', big-lipped white-wine-spritzer-sippin' botoxers. They're also not your bubble-headed Smirnoff cooler types. The ladies of craft beer aren't chicks, broads, or dames: they're women, and they're sexy as Hell.

So what do you bring home when your lady is more about stouts than fur stoles? Why, chocolate of course.
This is Southern Tier's Choklat Imperial Stout, and it's immense. It's also not just for me, it's for the Wifelet too. She likes beers a little different from my usual hop-heavy Super-IPAs. This one's no wimp though: 11% ABV and pure chocolate. The pairing? A Marks&Sparks almond shortbread biscuit. Unbelievable.
Oh, and if you're wondering, this brew is only available at The Strath. Follow Lon on twitter, he's got great selection.

It's my opinion that the success of CAMRA-YVR is due in no small part to the number of double-X chromosomes on the executive. Clive's boasts an all-female-brewer collaborative brew, Smokin' Cherry Bomb Saison, coming up on the 28th of this month. Hit up any craft-beer location and you'll see just as many women as bearded hipsters. It's just more proof that it's a great time to be a craft beer enthusiast in BC.

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